Meet our Founder

Josephine Bryan, a Filipino immigrant living in Texas, returned to the Philippines to visit her ailing father - her trip in almost two decades after her move. After living in the United States and seeing her home country through a new lens, the trip was overwhelming, an eye-opener. She witnessed first-hand the level of extreme poverty in her home country, which moved her to do something to help.

It was then that Josephine Bryan founded Hunger-Free Philippines, a nonprofit organization dedicated to erasing hunger in the Philippines by distributing food to people living in extreme poverty, as well as those affected by natural disasters. With the help of loyal supporters, she’s created a network of passionate Hunger Fighters and Hunger Heroes, who are the lifeblood of the organization. We’re looking for more like-minded individuals who want to make a difference in the world by feeding the hungry, building communities, and empowering women.


How We Work

  • Raise money in the United States

  • Find volunteers in various areas of the Philippines

  • Buy food and goods locally in the Philippines to help their economy

  • Distribute food and goods across the country


Over 60% of Filipino households are food insecure*.

See what we're doing to erase the face of hunger in the Philippines. *View source