Hunger Free Holidays

Over 30% of Filipino families are experiencing hunger. Let's change that just in time for the holidays! Hunger has been rising in the Philippines since May, and they need our help more than ever! The proportion of families experiencing hunger due to lack of food to eat reached a new record-high of 30.7 percent, or an estimated 7.6 million households in the past 3 months.


Annual Candy for Kids

Each Halloween in the United States, kids return home with an overflow of treats - enough to share with kids in need. Join us by donating your leftover Halloween candy to children who rarely experience the sweet taste of candy.

Milk is a vital source of nutrients and too many Filipino mothers go without. Each May, we supply mothers and their children powdered milk across the country.


Can you help us erase the face of hunger in the Philippines?

Even a small donation makes a big difference.