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Thank you for your continued support, we hope that you can continue to help us deliver more meals! We've been providing meals door-to- door across the Philippines since 2007. See our impact by region.

One food pantry is just not enough.

Over 60% of the population nationwide which accounts for 54.9 million Filipinos are chronically food insecure, according to IPC( Intergrated Food Security Phase Classification) and only ONE food food bank! Hunger Free Philippines is determined to build its first food pantry so that we can feed more people. We are currently accepting donations to acquire a piece of land. Will you help us? Your donation of any amount can truly make a difference.

Are you a hunger fighter?

Help us by becoming a Hunger Free Philippines Ambassador. You don't have to travel to make a difference!

Each Halloween in the United States, kids return home with an overflow of treats. Join us by donating your leftover Halloween candy to children who rarely experience the sweet taste of candy.

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Over Filipinos suffer from food insecurity due to poverty and natural disasters, and we are on a mission to erase hunger.

Poverty in the Philippines is more rampant compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.  23.7% of the country's population lives below the national poverty line.  The Philippines also ranks ninth in the world for stunting (reduced growth rate) among children, jacked up by a prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, which shed jobs and livelihoods of 4.74 million families.  We believe that we cannot end hunger unless we break the cycle of poverty.  Beyond serving meals, our goal is to make families self-sufficient.  The combination of support agendas will not only help educate households about health and nutrition, but it will also assist them in developing their economy and in time, phase out hunger and poverty.

Meals Served

Becoming a monthly donor empowers our organization to create lasting, sustainable change. Your consistent support helps us plan for the future and make a meaningful impact.  A $25 recurring donation can feed an entire family monthly.

Our Story

Josephine Bryan, a Filipino immigrant living in Texas, returned to the Philippines to visit her ailing father - her trip in almost two decades after her move. After living in the United States and seeing her home country through a new lens, the trip was overwhelming, an eye-opener. She witnessed first-hand the level of extreme poverty in her home country, which moved her to do something to help...

Our Programs

Candy for Kids

During National Gratitude month in November, we send your donated candy to the Philippines, which is a great opportunity to teach kids in the U.S. the importance of giving back to those less fortunate.

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Meals For Kids

Hunger-Free Philippines serves hot meals weekly to communities. Together, we have helped thousands of food-insecure families across the country.

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Milk for Mothers

Having access to milk is so important, especially for nursing mothers and their children. Each Mother's Day, we distribute powdered milk and groceries to mothers who struggle to make ends meet.

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Hunger-Free Philippines aims to grow its mission and outreach by having a place that we can call home.

Food Pantry

Could you help us build our first food pantry?  As we continue to directly serve meals to those in need and provide for communities suffering from hunger and poverty, we believe that we can serve them better by having a place we can call home.

Help us Build a Food Pantry

Literacy Program

Teaching children and adults to read and write.  Providing leadership resources and sharing biblical principles to empower individuals to help them grow personally and spiritually.

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Community Center

Provide a safe place for community leaders and volunteers to conduct meetings and events.

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